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Diamond Dreams Sports Academy

Diamond Dreams Sports Academy

Cage Rentals

We offer individual cage rentals to those who want to get in those extra reps. Call ahead to check availability and to schedule your cage rental today! Although we do allow walk ins, we suggest that you do call ahead at least a day or two in advance to ensure availability.

Individual Cage Rentals

30 minute rentals       ***Peak Hours    4pm-8pm***             1 hour rentals

1/2 Cage  -           $16.50                                                  1/2 Cage -             $32
Full Cage -           $20                                                        Full Cage -            $39
Pitching Mound - $20                                                        Pitching Mound -   $39
Iron Mike -           $27                                                        Iron Mike -             $45

Please clean up your cage after your rental time is up. This includes returning all balls into the provided buckets and returning all cages into their former position.