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Diamond Dreams Sports Academy

Diamond Dreams Sports Academy

Our Philosophy

Our training philosophy includes the use of athletic progressions, positive competition and quality repetition to build habits.  Our coaches are trained in the fundamentals of bio-mechanics, kinesiology and movement pattern development.  We work to identify mechanics and movements that work best for each individual athlete and hold true to proper mechanical principles as they apply to each activity.

We believe our unique and innovative teaching model is one of the many things that set us apart at DD Sports Academy.  We understand the value of what we do as it pertains to athletic and personal development and we cherish that responsibility.  That responsibility has driven us to develop the following teaching model to help players of all ages and skill levels reach and exceed their potential.

  1. Teach proper mechanics/movements as they apply to sport specific activities
  2. Ensure quality repetition in order to build good habits and muscle memory
  3. Provide a positive atmosphere and coaching experience for each individual
  4. Assist with mental skills development and self coaching skills to ensure success in training translates into success in competition
  5. Create passion within each individual – The most important component of becoming successful at anything in life is having a true love of the process.  Those who truly love what they do become the best because they do it more than anyone else.

Need proof?  Come visit us at DD Sports Academy.